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Advice, tips, tricks, information and opinions on health of our dogs. Remember always see your vet if anything seems out of the ordinary
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Daily Bark

Dylan and Digby

Mum tell em to get in their own beds now, we're tired and want to go to bed. 😴😴

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mummy and daddy told me to settle down cus it's late but I want to play with my toys so if I lie next to them when they not looking I can play if my toy doesnt sqeak

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Winnie & Fozzy

Nooo ... it’s never to late to play ..😂😂

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Wiped out 🥱😴🐾 nighty night all 😘

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this photo just had to be done, Bernie Bella and Dexter.

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Nite nite from Roma

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Nite nite from blue

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Gus Gus

This image isn’t very nice to see from my prospective! But unfortunately it had to be said before mumma found out I was ill she rang the vets because I started showing signs that I was becoming very ill so mumma rang the vets and they put me on some high protein food! And said they would take a blood test Which mum sent off and it took more then 4 weeks to come back and before they did they said to mum that they couldn’t find nothing wrong with me! When clearly there was, I was very unwell and I couldn’t move or anything so mum carried me everywhere but after mum had a go at the vets on the phone they said there have a look again but they never got back to mum, the day I went over the rainbow bridge mum let me go out for some fresh air but I fell off the table because some nasty cat tried to attack me and that was it I was ever so ill and couldn’t move so mum picked me up and she snuggled me and hugged me and said she loves me ever so much and gave me loads of kisses but mum knew I wasn’t well and she said to me it’s okay to go gussy ! Your be okay and then the next morning I went out and never came back but mum knew I wasn’t well and mum knew I was now pain free up over the rainbow and having a great time! X but I wanted to say is that the vets did nothing for gus and couldn’t care less for him! When I took him to the vets all he wanted was love and being petted and the vet failed me , and never found out what happened to my baby! Makes me very upset

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Happy Sunday

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Winnie & Fozzy

Boo ..... here I am ...😂😂

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